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San Francisco conjures up lots of pictures — Rice-a-Roni, Golden Gate Bridge, cable cars. Also, it brings to mind the Silicon Valley and gay rights.

Whatever your ideas are, San Francisco keeps the unique place in the center of the majority of Californians because it so much epitomizes the state – its stunning beauty, its breathtaking coastal and bay views, and its historical buildings. To be sure, it is a pricey spot to live – maybe the most expensive place to live in California – but an interesting and incredibly varied spot to see. Even you can buy San Francisco Food Tour and plan the trip with budget.

When you plan San Francisco day trips

San Francisco resorts are among the best on the planet, and each appears to have a window and unique charm. Although some are perched on among the many hills that have made this city famous, some are settled by the waterfront.

Whether you are visiting from out of state, or a California resident, San Francisco should rank high in your list of California addresses. While it is a great 400 miles north of the Los Angeles basin – through 3 or 4 states, you’d go in the rest of the state to drive that far – it is so much part of the California experience that it cannot be overlooked.

Though, there are several things you ought to know before you see. Based on vice president of public relations for the San Francisco Convention and Visitors Bureau, Laurie Armstrong, Significant Tidbit Number One is: You do not want a car. The town is congested enough with all those folks on that small peninsula, but the good thing is that public transportation in San Francisco is quick, straightforward and inexpensive. From there, you take a streetcar, can walk or take a short cab ride to any part of the city you need to see. If you grab your car, make sure you budget for parking spaces that are more expensive than some cheap motel rooms.

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