Torrents and Cyber Ghost: are the two compatible?

There are several reasons for internet users to look for a VPN subscription. One of them is the downloading of files in P2P with impunity. However, not all providers allow this type of action, so you have to know how to choose. Here we are interested in the compatibility between torrents and Cyber Ghost. What to expect with this supplier lets see it without further delay!

Torrent and Cyber Ghost: a perfect match?

This provider has several features that place it in the category of best VPN to download. Indeed, it has the “Kill Switch” function which is a function of automatically stopping your connection in the event of a problem.

In other words, if your VPN connection is having problems, your computer or phone should normally reconnect to the network. So if you were doing a download, your ISP will receive information about your activity or you can install chrome extension for vpn

On the other hand, if your provider has the “Kill Switch” function, your internet connection will be automatically cut if your computer or smartphone stops receiving the VPN signal.

In addition, it is a “no log” virtual private network, which means that it does not keep any record of your browsing history.

We can therefore safely say that P2P and Cyber Ghost are perfectly compatible. However, one still wonders why one should use a VPN to download torrent files.

VPN: what use for P2P?

Most files shared in P2P are protected by copyright, which makes downloading them illegal. A law has therefore been put in place to fight against the illegal sharing of these works, whether cinematographic, audiovisual or intellectual. However, you are aware that your ISP keeps information related to your browsing history.

So if you are caught downloading a copyrighted work, penalties will be applied. They range from a warning letter to a prison sentence subject to a fine of € 30,000.

Doing P2P with Cyber Ghost is therefore an ideal way to bypass Hadoop and download illegally. This is because you are connecting to the internet with a Virtual Private Network, which makes your IP address “invisible” in a way.

We therefore retain that there is no risk in downloading torrents with Cyber Ghost. The provider has all the features that are supposed to protect you from downloading with impunity.

It should be remembered that to download files, the connection speed is very important. This is why this provider strives to offer a fast and fluid connection to its customers, and this at all times.

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